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Clips of the entire band can be seen on Candye's YouTube page under her favorites:

Candyes current band includes:

Laura Chavez/Lead Guitar: This 27 year old, Aries guitar slinger from Mountain View, California, has been called "the next Stevie Ray Vaughn." She was a hometown hero in the Bay Area and played with local San Jose singer, Lara Price before being swept up by Candye, sight unseen, on the recommendation of Sue Foley. Laura co produced Candye's Superhero CD and is touring all over the world with Candye. Her amazing talent is featured all over Superhero and she can also be heard on the RUF records releases : Blues Caravan - Guitars and Feathers, and Guitar Women.
fun facts: She drinks whiskey and soda, knows how to play tons of punk rock songs and can beat your ass at pac man.
Contact Laura here:

Kennan Shaw/Bass: A true veteran of his craft, Kennan has play bass since fifth grade. Hes toured the world with Sudden Fun, Danny Click, John Lee Hooker Jr., and now Candye Kane. Hes shared the stage with artists as diverse as The Ramones and Etta James, and his signature fretless bass has worked the stage with Country, Zydeco, Funk, Rock, and of course, Blues bands. Although hes lived most of his life in California, Kennan has developed a great love of all things New Orleans, and spends as much time playing - and eating - there as he can!
fun facts: He once took a lesson from Ray Brown, and played with The Shirelles in front of several thousand people. He has also been thrown out of just about every nightclub on Sunset Strip at one time or another.
Contact Kennan at:

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